How to build and retain your brand reputation

When running a business, one of the most important aspects is the way you represent it to the market. You need to discover who your target audience and target buyers are to create a marketing strategy according to that. Over time, you’ll get familiar with the market, which will help you form and build your brand.

Even though building a brand isn’t piece of cake, a lot of business owners are on the right track. On top of that, maintaining your brand’s reputation is a challenge only the best overcome. So, how can you build a brand and retain its reputation in such a competitive market? 

1. Create a brand identity

The first step in any marketing strategy is forming a brand identity that is worth advertising. What does your business stand for? Create an identity based on your business’s mission and vision. However, many entrepreneurs forget to include one vital aspect: a target customer. How is a customer relevant to your brand’s identity?

To make a profit, you need to sell your service or product to clients or customers. As simple as that! So, when creating an identity consider branding essentials every designer must know. Your name, logo, colors, and other distinguishing aspects make your brand stand out. So, ensure they are related to the core of your business and to the customers. 

2. Have an online presence 

Before you actually have a brand to manage, you need to ensure you’re out there in the market. Even though investing in expensive ads can be beneficial for your business, start by creating an online presence for your brand. After all, customers will firstly google your business before they decide to purchase from you! 

Having a website is essential. There are 5 things every business website should have, so ensure you include them. In addition to that, social media is a fantastic way of building your audience. Beware that each target group uses a different app, so do your research before you spend time and money on sponsored posts that won’t lead anywhere! 

3. Resolve possible issues swiftly 

Let’s be realistic: perfection doesn’t exist. Even the best professionals tend to make a mistake here or there. In the end, we learn from those mistakes. However, customers don’t tend to be so forgiving when it comes to issues with products or services. Chances are you’ll have private and public complaints regarding your business. But what should you do?

Instead of deleting negative comments and ignoring passive-aggressive emails, try to resolve issues swiftly. Be transparent when it comes to mistakes and apologize to your clients. Provide them with multiple possible solutions and allow them to choose which one suits them the most. However, keep in mind that customers aren’t always right, and protect your employees first. 

4. Use feedback to improve

As long as it’s constructive, positive and negative feedback can be of great help to your business! Two main feedback sources exist: external and internal. While both are equally important, to deal with external feedback and issues, you firstly need to listen to your employees! 

Employees are usually frontline workers who have the most contact with customers. Therefore, they have true insight into what is good and what could be improved. On top of that, listening to your employees makes them more satisfied, which will certainly reflect their work with clients! So, use feedback from both sources to improve your streamlining and services to maintain your reputation. 

5. Create a company culture 

You could have the reputation of the best company in the world, but if you mistreat your employees, soon it will all turn to dust. Due to that, prioritizing a healthy company culture is what will maintain your reputation. Did you know that your employees are the best brand ambassadors? Treat them fairly!

To create a good and healthy company culture, you need to communicate with your teams openly. It’s a two-way process that ends in great strategy. If you’re unsure how to create a proper communication strategy, read about internal communication examples from the best brands in the world.

6. Improve customer experience

Last but not least, customer experience is vital for every business. If your clients need to wait on service for a long time or they can’t reach you via phone, email, and other contact information, that is a huge minus for your brand! So, how can you improve your customer experience?

Firstly, you could hire a team that will deal with customers’ complaints and demands, such as customer support. On top of that, you need to have a well-optimized website with a quick load speed. Everyone knows how little patience people have these days! In the end, ensure you have the available contact information which will expand as your business grows. 

Final thoughts

As you can see, to build and retain a brand reputation, you must put your customers first. Place yourself in their shoes and try seeing the world the way they do to run a successful business. After all, the success of your business depends on customers’ reactions, so create your strategy around that! By following these tips, your brand will thank you! 

When running a business, one of the most important aspects is the way you represent it to the market. You need to discover who your target audience and target buyers are to create a marketing strategy according to that. Over time, you’ll get familiar with the market, which will help you form and build your…


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